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Train travel has long been considered one of the safest forms of transportation. But with recent news in the last few years of devastating passenger train/freight train collisions in the Los Angeles area, the potential dangers of train travel are once again rearing their heads. Here’s what you need to know about train accidents, their causes, and their consequences.

Read David B. Bobrosky’s article published in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal – October 13th – 26th, 2008 titled: Metrolink Victims Must Move Quickly To File Claims

Train accidents are not limited to collisions between trains; instead, they encompass derailing or other incidents, trains crashing into cars, and trains running over pedestrians.

Despite train travel’s relatively safe reputation, the statistics on train accidents are far higher than you might think. The United States Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis notes nearly 6,000 accidents and incidents from January to June 2008 alone, resulting in 367 fatalities. While only 53 of these accidents involved passenger trains, they exhibit the true danger of trains as they cross roadways, interact with other vehicles, and travel long distances.

The causes of train accidents can vary widely, from malfunctioning systems to track problems to signal problems or dangerous intersections. However, human factors are primarily responsible for train accidents. Given the fact that train accidents tend to have more catastrophic results than other accidents, this can have devastating consequences for train passengers or pedestrians who are hit by a moving train.

Train accidents can cause a wide variety of significant injuries, from lacerations and broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and even death. The sheer size of trains means they are unable to stop as quickly as other passenger vehicles, which can be fatal to someone unlucky enough to be in their path. And train accident lawsuits can be even more complex than other personal injury lawsuits, since usually they involve a lengthy, complex investigation period and involvement from federal and local law enforcement, train companies, individual operators, insurers, and more.

If you’ve been injured in a train crash, you know how devastating a rail accident can be. Your livelihood and your ability to lead a fulfilling life could be at stake, and you could be facing the specter of medical bills and legal action.

Remember, you do not have to go it alone. You can get legal help. However, you need to select a personal injury attorney with the experience, knowledge, credibility, and resources you need to prevail in court and collect monetary damages for your losses.

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