Slip, Trip and Fall Attorneys

Personal Injury

When you visit a public space, business property or are an invited guest onto private property, you expect to visit in safety. When the government or owners of a property fail to meet that expectation, serious personal injury can result.

A study by the National Safety Council reveals that 27 million people visit the emergency room each year because of unintentional injuries. Falls lead all other reasons for emergency room treatment, and are responsible for over 21,000 deaths in the United States annually.

Our slip and fall attorneys seek maximum compensation for damages and injuries sustained by our clients. They’ve represented people who have slipped, tripped and fell because of:

  • Defective Concrete or Sidewalks
  • Defective Equipment
  • Neglected Streets
  • Negligent Maintenance
  • Obstructions in Walkways
  • Poorly Lit Stairwells
  • Poorly Trained or Negligent Employees
  • Torn or Damaged Flooring
  • Slippery Floors
  • Structural Defects
  • Unmarked Hazards

Our Premises Liability and Slip/Fall Attorneys

Besides a wealth of experience, our Personal Injury Lawyers are also dedicated to pursuing the best interests of our clients. They vigorously investigate the circumstances of each slip and fall matter, and prepare each case to go to trial.

Often times, the evidence accumulated in the investigation will prompt a Defendant to offer a substantial settlement rather than go to court. The Slip and Fall Attorneys at our Firm will help you decide which option is best for you.

Our Personal Injury Practice Group offers free consultations and works on a contingency basis – that means our attorneys work diligently to obtain the best results possible: maximum compensation for our clients, who pay us nothing unless we succeed. To get a free consultation regarding your accident, email a Slip and Fall attorney or call us now: 818.990.2120.

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