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Motorcycle riders face unique challenges and are susceptible to more risks than are other motor vehicle operators – this leads to more motorcycle accidents. Sometimes employing good motorcycle safety habits just isn’t enough. Common challenges riders face include:

Lack of Exterior Protection

Unlike automobile drivers, who can count on head restraints, airbags, seatbelts, and other systems of restraint, motorcyclists don’t have such padding and protection. True, cyclists can wear helmets and other gear to protect against motorcycle accident injuries. However, it’s simply a matter of physics that motorcycles — due to their relatively low momentum — can get pushed around by larger, faster moving vehicles on the road.

Motorcycles Are Harder to See

Motorcycles are smaller targets than are vehicles like trucks, cars, and buses. This issue is particularly critical at intersections and on freeways, where the vast majority of motorcycle collisions happen. The fact that a motorcycle operates as a kind of “neither nor” in traffic (neither a full-sized automobile nor a pedestrian or bicycle) complicates the ways in which other drivers interface with it.

Hazards On the Road

Sticks, stones, spare tires, branches, potholes, and oil slicks can all present fatal risks to cyclists. Auto, bus and truck drivers, on the other hand, can either drive around – or even run directly over – these obstacles.

Let’s not forget the other drivers on the road, many of whom DWD, or Drive While Distracted. That means they’re eating, drinking, texting, talking on cell phones or doing a variety of other things when they should be devoting 100 percent of their attention to driving.


Statistics Not Siding With Cyclists

Survey after survey taken over the past ten years suggest that motorcyclists are at unique risk on the road for dying in accidents. One study showed that bikers are nearly twenty times as likely as auto drivers to die in crashes and three to four times more likely to get hurt. Even if a biker drives defensively and with best care, that’s no guarantee of safety. For instance, approximately 66percent of motorcycle accidents involve a vehicle cutting off the cyclist’s right of way.

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