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Wage Orders a Real “Tilly” for Employers

February 11, 2019 Last week a California Court of Appeal’s decision concerning the “reporting time pay” wage order rule joined a growing line of other wage order litigation – such as those complaints regarding suitable seating,

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California Employer Compliance 2017

by: Lewitt Hackman’s Employment Practice Group 818-990-2120 There have been significant changes to state and federal laws in 2016 affecting employers of all sizes and in many industries. We’d like to help our clients stay

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Wage & Hour: DOL Doubles Down on Salary Threshold

Headshot of attorney for employers, Tal Yeyni

Tal Burnovski Yeyni | Shareholder

May 18, 2016

Attorney for Employers by Tal Burnovski Yeyni 818-907-3224 Considering all of the political movements regarding minimum wage, equal pay and other wage and hour concerns over the past few years, most employers could read the

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California Wage & Hour: Employer Q&A

Sue M. Bendavid | Shareholder

April 13, 2016

Employment Litigation Defense by Sue M. Bendavid 818.907.3220 Recently, the California Labor Commissioner cited a residential care provider for multiple wage theft violations, including for failure to pay minimum wage and overtime. As a result

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