Franchising Your Business

The franchise lawyers at Lewitt Hackman have eight decades of collective experience helping business leaders turn quality product and service concepts into franchise programs.

When you’re ready to franchise your business, we’re ready to help.

We’ll prepare the Franchise Agreement, Franchise Disclosure Document and other instruments required by law, and manage the franchise registration process. You’ll be equipped to offer and sell franchises in compliance with legal disclosure requirements of the Federal Trade Commission and under state law.

We are also able to guide you on trademark protection, including registering your trademarks in the U.S. Patent & Trademark office.

Our Franchise and Distribution Attorneys will assist in preparing and advising you on:

  • Structuring Your Franchise Program
  • Franchise Agreements & Legal Compliance
  • Setting and Making Required Disclosures of Franchise Fees
  • Franchise Disclosure Documents
  • Local, National, and International Franchising
  • Protecting Your Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Other Intellectual Property

We’re also here to advise on your ongoing relations with franchisees. This can include advice on their compliance with your franchise agreement; and when needed, guidance on ending franchise relationships.

Franchise Attorney Regulatory requirements of franchising change constantly. Our attorneys serve on national and state franchise law committees and attend national conferences to keep abreast of current law. We have three Certified Specialists in Franchise and Distribution Law – among the first in California to be designated by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization.

Our practice groups include corporate law, trademarks and intellectual property, protection of trade secrets, employment law and other legal aspects of running a business smoothly.

We currently represent franchisors and franchisees in the following industries:

  • Audio/Visual Retailers
  • Automobile & Service Station Dealers
  • Building Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Clothing Manufacturers, Distributors & Retailers
  • Commercial & Residential Movers
  • Cooperatives
  • Food Products Manufacturers
  • Health and Beauty Manufacturers & Distributors
  • High-Tech Equipment Manufacturers
  • Home Improvement/Repair Franchises
  • Hoteliers
  • Insurance Services
  • Personal Care Service Retailers
  • Product Importers & Distributors
  • Professional Consulting Firms
  • Professional Law Practices
  • Professional Medical Practices
  • Restaurateurs
  • Software Developers and Licensors
  • Spa Companies
  • Travel Agencies

Contact our Franchise & Distribution Attorneys to learn how to launch your franchise.

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