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Employment Defense: What Owners & Executives Need to Know (Roundtable Discussion)

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
Sue M. Bendavid, participant - January 2018

Unconscionability in California: Contract Power Tool for the Powerless and Powerful

Valley Lawyer, a publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association - January 2018
David Gurnick, author

Social Media and Common Ethical Problems

Valley Lawyer (a publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association) MCLE article - November 2017 by Katherine L. Wallman

Labor Secretary Nominee's Company Hit With Antitrust Class Action

Courthouse News
David Gurnick, quoted - February 2017

Reducing Court Congestion: Rules of Civil Procedure

Valley Lawyer, a publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association - November 2016
by Amy I. Huberman

2016 Southern California Rising Stars

Super Lawyers Magazine - June 2016
Nicholas KanterRising Star - Business Litigation
Hannah SweissRising Star - Business Litigation

2015 Southern California Rising Stars

Super Lawyers Magazine -June 2015
Nicholas Kanter - Business Litigation

Using the Economic Loss Rule to Your Client's Benefit

Valley Lawyer, a publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association - March 2015
by Samuel C. Wolf 

How to Steer Clear of Franchise Financial Disasters

David Gurnick quoted - November 2014

California Decides Franchisor's Forum Selection Invalid, Despite Supreme Court Ruling
David Gurnick quoted - July 2014

Attorneys Say There is No Appeal to Budget Cuts

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
David Gurnick quoted - June 2013

Pre-1978 Works Require Diligent Record-Keeping

Los Angeles Daily Journal
by Nicholas Kanter - June 2013

Enforcement Before Adjudication: The Writ of Attachment

Valley Lawyer, a publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association
by Stephan Mihalovits - June 2013

Building Up for a Boom in Construction Defects

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
Paul C. Bauducco quoted - April 2013

Seeking Alternatives to Defunct ADR Department

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
David Gurnick quoted - March 2013

Combat Delay Tactics in Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits

Los Angeles Daily Journal,
by Nicholas Kanter - February 2013

Supply & Demand: How a Construction Project's Cash Flow Can Leave
You Strapped

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Paul C. Bauducco - October 2012

California's Top Attorneys in Business

2012 Super Lawyers Business Edition
Stephen T. Holzer (Environmental) & Sue M. Bendavid (Employment) named - September 2012

After Domino's Ruling: Franchisors, Loosen Up; Employers, Tighten Up

Los Angeles Daily Journal,
by David Gurnick and Nicole Kamm - July 2012

Age Restrictions, Negligence and the Law

Auto Rental News (Trade Journal), 
Sue M. Bendavid and Robert A. Hull interviewed - March 2012



Our Business & Civil Litigation Blogs


Pokemon Go Away: Monsters Creating Nuisance Problems - Nicholas Kanter

Small Claims: When Litigating Without a Lawyer Makes Sense - Paul C. Bauducco

Pow! Boff! Thwack! Batmobile Wins Litigation - by Nicholas Kanter

When Bad Things Happen to Good People On the Internet - by David Gurnick

Assembly Bill 802 Makes Arbitration Less Confidential - by Hannah Sweiss

Lessons in Commercial Lease Charges: Incorrect Estimates Could Lead to Fraud Claims - by Nicholas Kanter

Oprah Winfrey's Fair Use Defense Rejected - by Nicholas Kanter

Why Register a Domain Name? Intellectual Property Protection to Start - by Nicholas Kanter

Promises, Promises: Supreme Court Eases Up on Making Fraud Claims - by David Gurnick

What to Do When a Claim Is too Small to Hire a Lawyer - by Paul C. Bauducco

Court: City Cannot Ignore Council's Past Promises to Pay Benefits - by Stephan Mihalovits

Competition and Contract Breaches: How Business Sales Affect Noncompete Covenants - by Stephan Mihalovits

Municipal Bankruptcies | When Local Governments Go Belly Up - by Stephen T. Holzer

Inheritance Interference | A New Cause of Action - by Stephan Mihalovits

Courtroom Closures Bring State Budget Crisis to Local Communities - by Stephan Mihalovits

Injured on Public Property | Suing the Government Poses Challenges - by David B. Bobrosky

Gay Marriage | Proposition 8 Serves No Purpose, Says 9th Circuit - by Vanessa Soto Nellis

Mechanics Liens - Smart Tools of Construction Industry Professionals, and Bane of Property Owners - by Paul C. Bauducco

Software Licenses (and Apple's Dominance) Reinforced by 9th Circuit - by Nicholas Kanter

Franchise Law Claims: Time Limits - by David Gurnick

For Whom the Claim Tolls: 5 Reasons to Consider a Tolling Agreement Before Filing a Lawsuit - by Stephan Mihalovits

Social Media Issues Affecting Jury Trials - by David B. Bobrosky

Seeing Louboutin Red | The Battle for a Trademarked Sole - by Tal Grinblat

Good Housekeeping and the Art of Business Entity Maintenance - by Robert A. Hull

Casey Anthony Trial | Lessons in Courtroom Civility & Ethics - by Stephan Mihalovits



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