Divorce Mediation Lawyers

In addition to handling divorce and related family law issues, Lewitt Hackman also offers mediation for parties who need help resolving family law matters, including dissolution of a marriage, child custody, child support, spousal support and property issues.

Family Law Mediation is an alternative to a judge deciding your family law issues. Instead of going to court, the parties meet with a neutral mediator whose job is to help them reach an agreement. Typically, this results in a resolution that is faster and less expensive.

At Lewitt Hackman, we offer family law mediation for parties with or without divorce lawyers. We can also represent the interests of clients involved in family law mediation or review an agreement made as a result of proceedings with an independent mediator.

Lewitt Hackman’s divorce attorneys have substantial experience handling family law matters both as mediators and in representing clients in mediation. As a full-service firm, we have the resources to address the business and financial consequences of mediation proceedings.

To speak with our Divorce Mediation attorneys about your family law case, please contact us at (818) 990-2120 or e-mail us now.

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