Spousal & Child Support Lawyers

Questions of California spousal support (called alimony in other states) and child support can be difficult issues. In this and most other states, courts no longer automatically award spousal or child support to the woman.

In California, child support is calculated using a formula that takes into account each parent’s earnings, financial obligations, custodial time, and other factors. Child support may be modified by court order after the original award. This occurs because children’s needs change as they get older and parents may have a change in financial circumstances.

Many factors are considered when calculating the amount and length of spousal support including the parties’ income, assets, health, age, and length of marriage, among others.

Child support and spousal support can all have unexpected effects on your finances after a divorce. For example, spousal support is tax-deductible for income tax purposes for the payor and taxable income for income tax purposes for the spouse receiving it. Child support is not taxable for income tax purposes for the parent receiving it, nor deductible to the parent paying child support.

The Los Angeles spousal and child support lawyers at Lewitt Hackman have substantial experience handling complex financial and tax issues as part of our clients’ child and spousal support matters.

We offer the advantage to clients by providing a network of experienced Encino Family Law Attorneys and professionals practicing in numerous areas in our firm that affect their cases. For a consultation on spousal support and/or child support matters, please contact us at (818) 990-2120 or e-mail us now.

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