Los Angeles Cohabitation Agreement Lawyers

In California, common-law marriage does not exist.

Couples have no community property rights to one another’s property, even if they have been in a relationship for years. In the event of a breakup, this can create confusion and disputes as to the rights and obligations of the parties.

To clarify their financial obligations to one another, cohabiting couples can enter into a cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement is a contract governed by California contract law, outlining each partner’s financial obligations to the other, both during and after cohabitation. It also specifies what property belongs to each party in the event the parties end their relationship.

A cohabitation agreement is a good idea if one or both parties:

  • Brings substantially more money or property to the relationship
  • Has left or plans to leave the workforce to be a full-time parent or homemaker
  • Has a business, other assets, or debts that he or she wants to keep separate
  • Is making payments towards a home or other property owned by the other party
  • Would like to specify whether a promise of financial support exists

Our Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys have substantial experience handling cohabitation agreements for individuals with a high net worth or a business to protect. As a full-service firm, we draw on the expertise of various attorneys in our firm whenever necessary to give our clients the best possible advice on cohabitation matters. To speak to one of our experienced Los Angeles cohabitation agreement lawyers, please contact us at (818) 990-2120 or e-mail us now.

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