Visitation & Custody Lawyers

Child custody can be the most difficult aspect of divorce proceedings.

Parents may not always agree on what is in the best interest for their children. Some parties may use custody as a way to punish the other parent or try to manipulate the financial aspects of the divorce. Unfortunately, this can make the divorce harder for everyone – including the children – by making it longer and more expensive than necessary.

At Lewitt Hackman, we encourage our clients to reach an agreement on a parenting plan whenever possible. When the parties can agree on a plan, the outline provides a structure for the parents’ day-to-day custody schedule and decision-making responsibilities.

Lewitt Hackman’s experienced Los Angeles child custody lawyers can help you understand your rights and responsibilities, negotiate with the other parent and draft an agreement regarding the co-parenting plan. If the parties agree, we can recommend alternative methods of resolving the custody issues such as Family Law Mediation.

Our Family Law practice group is also available to assist with changes to and enforcement of existing custody plans.

The Custody Attorneys at Lewitt Hackman have the experience and resources to successfully handle all types of custody and visitation issues, including those for a Special Needs Child. We are available to answer our clients’ questions and concerns throughout the custody process. To speak to us about your child custody or visitation matter, you can reach us at (818) 990-2120 or e-mail us now.

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