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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Soulful Estate

Attorney Kira S. Masteller

Kira S. Masteller | Shareholder

September 10, 2018

Estate Planning Attorney by Kira S. Masteller 818.907.3244 As many in the country mourn the loss of Aretha Franklin, some of us are a bit surprised to discover the Queen of Soul passed intestate, without a will or estate

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Does This Selfie Make Me Look Like a Copyright Infringer?

Attorney Tal Grinblat

Tal Grinblat | Shareholder

July 12, 2017

Intellectual Property Lawyer by Tal Grinblat (818) 907-3284 Caution. This blog lacks lawyerly gravitas. Why? Wikimedia Commons Public Domain: Naruto’s Selfie The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will consider a copyright infringement suit brought by

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Trademark Law & Genericide: Google’s Not Dead Yet

Attorney Tal Grinblat

Tal Grinblat | Shareholder

June 19, 2017

Trademark Attorney by Tal Grinblat (818) 907-3284 Domain name registration is usually a good first step to cement trade name and mark ownership. In a previous blog we reminded readers that possession, even in Intellectual

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Franchisors, Got Claims? Don’t Let Them Spoil Like Bad Cheese

attorney Barry Kurtz

Barry Kurtz | Shareholder

June 5, 2017

Chair, Franchise & Distribution Practice Group by Barry Kurtz 818-907-3006 This is the tale of two restaurants, each facing trademark infringement claims under the Lanham Act brought by two, separate franchisors. The franchisees’ restaurants had

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Half Baked: The Brave New World of Branding Weed

Attorney Tal Grinblat

Tal Grinblat | Shareholder

November 14, 2016

Intellectual Property Attorney by Tal Grinblat (818) 907-3284 In last week’s election, California voters passed Prop 64, which means recreational marijuana can be sold and used by persons over 21 within the state. But don’t

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Craft Brewers Scrap Over Catchy Names

Attorney Samuel C. Wolf

Samuel C. Wolf | Associate

August 1, 2016

Franchise, Distribution & Litigation Attorney by Samuel C. Wolf 818-907-3218 The craft-beer industry is running low on names. There are more than 4,600 craft breweries in the U.S. – California leading the nation with over

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Living Like a Prince, but not Dying Like One

attorney Michael Hackman

Michael Hackman | Shareholder

April 28, 2016

Tax Law Certified Specialist by Michael Hackman 818.907.3279 The media seems to be concerned with two primary subjects lately, and both topics continue to trounce each other in turn on social networks for attention: 1.

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Music Publisher Caught in Birthday Suit

Attorney Tal Grinblat

Tal Grinblat | Shareholder

October 5, 2015

by Tal Grinblat & Nicholas Kanter 818.990.2120 In 2013, Good Morning to You Productions Corp.,  Rupa Marya and Robert Siegel (collectively “GMTY”) filed a class action suit against Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., one of the largest music publishing

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Pow! Boff! Thwack! Batmobile Wins Copyright Litigation

Attorney Nicholas Kanter

Nicholas Kanter | Shareholder

September 25, 2015

Intellectual Property Litigation by Nicholas Kanter 818-907-3289 It’s not every day a Ninth Circuit court opinion includes, “Holy copyright law, Batman!,” or “To the Batmobile!”  But in affirming a district court’s ruling in a copyright infringement

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