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Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

In addition to representing personal injury clients in all stages of settlement negotiation through litigation and jury trials, Lewitt Hackman also offers Alternative Dispute Resolution services.

Andrew L. Shapiro, Chair of our Personal Injury Practice Group, enjoys a high rate of success in ADR services – approximately 75 percent. The national average for mediations and arbitrations is approximately 69 percent for voluntary proceedings, and only 49 percent for court-ordered proceedings, according to U.S. Justice Department statistics compiled for 2014.

When in the role of mediator or arbitrator, Mr. Shapiro works closely with both plaintiff and defense counsel, relying on expertise founded on decades of dealing with both simple and complex  personal injury matters. Sensitive to the emotional aspects frequently inherent in serious accident cases, as well as the practical goals of the business perspective, he works to provide fair decisions through equitable processes for all parties.

Having attained training through the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, Mr. Shapiro has resolved over 1,500 cases as a Court Settlement Officer, Arbitrator or Mediator for both Los Angeles and Ventura County Superior Courts.

In those roles, he has resolved disputes ranging from very simple to highly complex matters; involving low, moderate and high dollar awards; and skillfully works with parties participating either rationally or emotionally. A soothing presence, he neutrally assesses the strengths and weaknesses of all parties, persuading parties to come to resolution with creative and collaborative problem solving fair to both sides.

I have known and been friends with Andy Shapiro before and throughout his entire professional career.  He is an excellent lawyer with a firm understanding of not just the law, but the personal injury business. More importantly he is a wonderful person, who has the right temperament to be a fantastic mediator. Trial lawyers on both sides of the fence will benefit by Andy becoming a mediator. In my opinion, it will only be a short time until the personal injury community will recognize his talents and he will join the ranks of the elite mediators. I recommend that you try working with Andy now, before he gets so busy that you’ll have to wait for months to get on his schedule. – Matthew B.F. Biren, Esq., Biren Law Group

Successful mediators and arbitrators tend to be the most experienced and effective litigators. They exercise sound judgement, work efficiently, and deliver timely results.

I have known Andy Shapiro for over 30 years, both professionally and personally. He has been an outstanding advocate on behalf of his many clients. I had cases against him when I was practicing and have mediated and arbitrated cases with him in my more recent capacity as a Neutral Hearing Officer for Judicate West. It has come to my attention that Andy is now exploring his own practice as a mediator and arbitrator. From my experience with him, he has the skills and more importantly, the temperament, to be extremely effective in this endeavor. His many years of experience will serve him well and I would enthusiastically endorse and support his entry into this field.  – Darrell Forgey, Esq., Judicate West

We offer Alternative Dispute Resolution services in the following areas:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Premises Liability & Dangerous Conditions of Public Property
  • Products Liability
  • Auto, Bicycle, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Vicious Dog Attacks
  • Medical Malpractice
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