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Los Angeles Environmental Law - Attorney Publications and Interviews

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Nation's Top Attorneys in Business

Super Lawyers Business Edition 2015 - November 2015
Stephen T. Holzer - Environmental Law

2015 Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers Magazine - January 2015
Stephen T. Holzer - Environmental

The Nation's Top Attorneys in Business Practice Areas

Business Edition Super Lawyers Magazine - November 2014
Stephen T. Holzer - Construction, Real Estate & Environmental (Environmental Law)

2013 Top Attorneys in Business

Super Lawyers Business Edition - November 2013
Stephen T. Holzer (Environmental)

Southern California Super Lawyers 2013

Los Angeles Magazine - February 2013
Stephen T. Holzer (Environmental)

Top Attorney in Environmental Law

2012 Super Lawyers Business Edition
Stephen T. Holzer named - September 2012

Courts Begin to Question EPA Authority

Los Angeles Daily Journal,
by Stephen T. Holzer - April 2012

Blowin In the Wind - the Controversy Over Clean Energy

Los Angeles Daily Journal,
by Stephen T. Holzer - March 2011

Rigorous Scrutiny of Environmental Regulators: 2011 Decisions

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Stephen T. Holzer - March 2011

Environmental Legal Blogs

Personal Blog Site by Los Angeles Environmental Law Attorney Stephen T. Holzer
(Named among Top 50 Blogs of 2011 in Environmental Law and Climate Change Category,
by Lexis Nexis)


Our Environmental Law Blogs


Environmental Law: How Clean is that Cleaning Product? - Stephen T. Holzer

Killer Coffee? California May Exempt Coffee Industry from Prop 65 Warning Requirements - Stephen T. Holzer

Court's Prop 65 Ruling a Great "Brewhaha" for Coffee Retailers - Stephen T. Holzer

Clean Water Act: 9th Circuit Clarifies Waste Water Permit Obligations - Stephen T. Holzer

Su-PERFLUO-us? More Chemicals Added to Prop 65 List - Stephen T. Holzer

Tapped Out for Now: More Time to Consider California's Clean Water Funding Bill - Stephen T. Holzer

Have Property Needing Environmental Cleanup? Don't Scrap It, SCAP It. - Stephen T. Holzer

Is H.R. 2936 a Solution to the Fire-Borrwoing Problem? - Stephen T. Holzer

Genetically Engineered Crops May Be Safe for Human Consumption & the Environment - Stephen T. Holzer

Old Grounds: A Lack of Prop 65 Acrylamide Warnings Brew Trouble for Coffee Franchisors - Stephen T. Holzer & Barry Kurtz

Prop 65 Update: The Rules They Are a-Changin' - Stephen T. Holzer

Supreme Court Tells EPA Cost Does Matter - Stephen T. Holzer

Commercial Drones: When Tech Flies Faster Than the Speed of Government - Stephen T. Holzer

LA County Ballot: "P" is for Parks, Prevention and Protection...or Profligacy? - Stephen T. Holzer

Bridging Troubled Water: Yes or No on Prop 1? - Stephen T. Holzer

Watch: California Prop 65 and Your Business - Stephen T. Holzer

Watch: Responding to Government Environmental Claims - Stephen T. Holzer

Hydraulic Fracking in California | This Means War - Stephen T. Holzer

Green the Color of Choice for British Olympic Planners - Stephen T. Holzer

Carb Wars: Europe the Latest Evil Empire in the Greenhouse Gas Wars? - Stephen T. Holzer

How Green is Greenland? A Cold, Hard Question for One Publisher - Stephen T. Holzer

Perchloroethylene Cleanup Hangs Drycleaners Out to Dry - Stephen T. Holzer

California Environmental Law | How Much Cleanup is Too Much? - Stephen T. Holzer

Cap and Trade System Capped for Now - Stephen T. Holzer



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