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Buy a Home Now, Move In After the Seller Dies

Los Angeles Times,
Kira S. Masteller quoted - January 2017

Advice on Buying a Foreclosed Home
Nicholas Kanter quoted - June 2014

Checking In, Checking Out: The Financial Issues in Buying or Selling a Hotel

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Keith T. Zimmet - May 2013

Building Up for a Boom in Construction Defects

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
Paul C. Bauducco quoted - April 2013

Combat Delay Tactics in Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits

Los Angeles Daily Journal,
by Nicholas Kanter - February 2013

Change of Ownership: What Triggers a Property Tax Reassessment?

Valley Lawyer, a publication of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association
by Michael Hackman, Kira S. Masteller and Robert A. Hull - October 2012

Supply & Demand:  How a Construction Project's Cash Flow Can Leave
You Strapped

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Paul C. Bauducco - October 2012

Top Rated Lawyers in Real Estate

The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, and The National Law Journal
John B. Marshall & Keith Todd Zimmet named - June 2012

Courts: Overlooking Minor Defects in the Foreclosure Process?

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Nicholas Kanter - April 2012

Mechanics' Liens - Attention to Detail Important for Property Owners and Claimants

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Paul C. Bauducco - November 2011

Real Estate: Gifting Real Property Now

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Kira S. Masteller and Robert A. Hull - September 2011


Our Real Estate Blogs

Initiating Unlawful Detainer Actions: Perfection Not Required - by Nicholas Kanter

Commercial Lease Litigation: No Room at Nut Tree, but Why? - by Stephen T. Holzer

Proposition 48: A North Fork in the Road for Tribal Casinos - by Stephen T. Holzer

Cutting the BS(A): California's Prop 2 and the Budget Stabilization Account - by Stephen T. Holzer

Rent Control re Former Resident Managers: Good News for Landlords - by Nicholas Kanter

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act: California Court of Appeal - by Nicholas Kanter

Lessons in Commercial Lease Charges: Incorrect Estimates Could Lead to Fraud Claims - by Nicholas Kanter

2013 California Tenant Law: Landlord Obligations Upon Foreclosure (AB 2610) - by Paul C. Bauducco

Landlord Tenant Law California: Responsibilities of Landlord in Dafault and Foreclosure (SB 1191) - by Paul C. Bauducco

California Landowners & Managers: 7 New Laws in Effect January 1 - by Paul C. Bauducco

Another Blow for Property Owners Challenging Foreclosure - by Nicholas Kanter

Mechanics Liens - Smart Tools of Construction Industry Professionals, Bane of Property Owners - by Paul C. Bauducco



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