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Tax Planning - Attorney Publications and Interviews

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2017 Southern California Super Lawyers 

Super Lawyer Magazine Magazine - January 2017
Michael Hackman: Tax

2016 Southern California Super Lawyers & Top 100

Super Lawyer Magazine Magazine - January 2016
Michael Hackman: Tax

2015 Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers Magazine - January 2015
Michael Hackman - Tax Law

The Nation's Top Attorneys in Business Practice Areas

Super Lawyers Magazine Business Edition - November 2014
Michael Hackman - Business Transactions (Tax Law)

Change of Ownership: What Triggers a Property Tax Reassessment?

Valley Lawyer Magazine, a San Fernando Valley Bar Association publication
by Michael Hackman, Kira S. Masteller and Robert A. Hull - October 2012

Gifts That Keep on Giving: The 411 of Gift Taxation

Valley Lawyer Magazine, a San Fernando Valley Bar Association publication
by Michael Hackman, Kevin E. Rex and Robert A. Hull - April 2012

The Affordable Care Act: Tax Provisions on the Way

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Michael Hackman - March 2012

Real Estate: Gifting Real Property Now

San Fernando Valley Business Journal,
by Kira S. Masteller and Robert A. Hull - September 2011

Tips on QPRTS - Qualified Personal Residence Trusts Offer Tax Advantages

San Fernando Valley Bar Association's BarNotes Publication
by Sheetal Mehta Fisher and Michael Hackman - March 2007


Our Tax Planning Blogs


2017 Tax Reform Bills: Home Ownership, Purchases & Sales - Michael Hackman

Return to Windsor: A Novel Tax Code Correction - Michael Hackman

Tax Planning: Living Like a Prince, but not Dying Like One - Michael Hackman

Congress Forges PATH in Tax Laws for Business, Individuals - Michael Hackman

Tax Planning Before Turning 70: IRAs and RMDs - Kira S. Masteller

Tax Filing During a Divorce: Separate or Joint Returns? - by Vanessa Soto Nellis

Family Tax Deductions and Credits: What Do You Qualify For? - by Kira S. Masteller

Fraudsters Rising: IRS Impersonators Flooding the Phone Lines - by Michael Hackman

How Does the DOMA Ruling Affect Estate Planning? - by Kira S. Masteller

Tony Soprano's Run-In With the Tax Man - by Robert A. Hull

The Tax Increases Have Begun - by Michael Hackman,  Kira S. Masteller and Robert A. Hull

Tax & Estate Planning | Small Win for Same Sex Couples? - by Kira S. Masteller

What is Alternative Minimum Tax & Why Are We Paying It? - by Kira S. Masteller

Charitable Trusts + Low Interest Rates = Tax Savings - by Kira S. Masteller

Steve Jobs Estate Taxes - Which Way is "Up" for the Jobs Family and for You? - by Robert A. Hull

Tax Strategies - 2011 Year End Tax Planning For Businesses & Individuals - by Kira S. Masteller

Maximizing Your Annual Gift With A Tax Free Exemption - by Kira S. Masteller


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