That's Just Sick: Paid Sick Days May Increase in Los Angeles
Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 4:14PM
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by Tal Burnovski Yeyni



Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to require employers to offer employees at least six days of paid sick leave per year, twice the minimum amount required under California law. If finally approved, Los Angeles will join more than a dozen cities who have established their own paid sick leave standards. 

In yesterday’s meeting, City Council has asked the City Attorney to prepare and present an Ordinance that should include, among others, the following provisions: 

In response to the City Council’s vote, Mayor Eric Garcetti issued the following statement:

Paid sick leave means a world of difference to working people and their families. That’s why it is important for L.A. to not just comply with state law, but take it a step further on behalf of our people. We set a tone for California and the nation by leading on the minimum wage increase, but we could do more in guaranteeing that people's jobs are secure in the face of illness. We are fixing that, and I'm proud to stand with my City Council colleagues on the principle that workers need and deserve these protections.

Final vote on the Ordinance is expected to take place within the next month. We will keep you posted on further updates. 

Tal Burnovski Yeyni is an attorney in our Employment Practice Group

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