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Postnuptial Agreements Relieve Pressure on Marriage

Encino Tarzana Divorce LawyerPostnuptial Agreement Lawyer

by Vanessa Soto Nellis

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This may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes a postnuptial agreement can save a marriage. That's especially true if money is a major source of tension, or if one partner comes into an extra income or windfall that wasn't expected before the couple got married.

This scenario could stem from an unexpected rise in business profits, or receiving a substantial inheritance, or even winning the lottery.  

Some partners ask for postnups because of a spouse's lifestyle, i.e., excessive shopping, drinking, or gambling habits.

Whatever the case, divorce lawyers across the nation have seen a rise in couples putting postnuptial agreements, also known as marriage agreements, in place over the last few years. Interestingly, these attorneys say more and more wives are the ones seeking security in a postnup – especially now, when women have steadily been increasing their earning power over the last few decades and taking control of the finances.

Why Bother Drawing Up a Postnup?


Whether you're male or female, newly wed or married for many years, a postnup may very well be a good way to keep the peace in your marriage, or even to keep the peace in your own mind.

It's a way for you to save your personal assets in the event all goes awry in your marriage – and if nothing else, it's a pressure release valve that will hopefully relieve some financial tension. Even happy couples disagree on how money should be spent.

A good postnuptial agreement could help resolve issues regarding:

  • Assets (business and personal)

  • Support

  • Children's College Tuition & Expenses

  • Debt

  • Inheritances (past or future)

  • Property (everything from the art collection to the golf gear to the timeshare in Zanzibar)

  • Protections for Step-Children

  • Retirement Benefits

If one or both of you are worried about the financial future, a postnuptial agreement may be the very tool to relieve some of the pressure and even act as a reset button for your marriage.

Vanessa Soto Nellis is a Family Law Attorney experienced in divorce and division of assets, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and support modification agreements. Contact her via email at

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