Divorce Mediation - How is it Better?
Friday, April 11, 2014 at 10:22AM
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by Vanessa Soto Nellis



Recently, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay front man Chris Martin announced the demise of their marriage. But rather than calling the split a separation or divorce, they've labeled their breakup a "conscious uncoupling".

This may sound a bit abstract, metaphysical, or just plain weird to some people, but it seems they have the right intentions: To realize they still have emotional bonds though they can't live together, to avoid the publicity fiascos of a celebrity divorce under a social media microscope, and to co-parent their children.

Anyone can do the same – make a conscious effort to avoid the bitter court battles many couples of our parents' generation undertook – we just label it differently: divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is a smart move for anyone seeking a divorce who wants to remain financially and emotionally intact. Let's do a side by side comparison:


Overall, family law mediation is definitely the better way to get divorced in terms of time, money and stress. Plus, it gives you more control over the outcomes affecting your children and your property, and your relationship with your ex, particularly if you plan to remain on good terms for the sake of your families.

Be sure to hire an attorney for the job though, as you want to ensure the agreement reached is enforceable by California law. Additionally you should make sure you hire an experienced mediation attorney, to reduce the risk of the lawyer having biases (expressed or not) for one side.


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